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About Us

It may seem like an online store from the front, but we are striving to become a community for people who love to smile and laugh. It's time to create a new feeling together!

The Past.

Our journey began when we were introduced to printing methods such as Sublimation through our partner company Sublimation Supplies. A method of producing promotional gifts and items. With a history in the business we have created a way to perfect the process to create high quality items with serious meanings. Learn more. 

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The Present

We have had friends and family face adversity throughout life. In the face of adversity I found certain things changed our outlook on life, we want to be a part of your happiness! It’s time to create a good new feeling.

Let us turn this around together! We are striving or a community to move forward and stick with into the unknown! 

-Feeling Goods Team

Simplicity in design and form

The Future

This site was originally thought of as a distant goal that we could learn from, but day by day it becomes a project to bring people together and make us smile.

This place will be forever evolving with new designs, new items and new ideas. We want you to come along for the ride and smile.

And finally for all the people struggling let this be your sign to do what makes you Feel Good.

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Our incredible team are here for you

Tim Schmidt

Company Director
"I created this as a way to express myself and my emotions whilst hopefully making the everyone smile. I look into the future of this community with sights of a happy place to make dreams come true one smile at a time. Starting with a grin and not stopping until your cheeks hurt."
Ethan Akers
Sunshine Coast, QLD
Kerri Schmidt
Allora, QLD
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