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Production and Delivery Information

Ahhh! You found this page. We hope this information about production and delivery information helps with any questions about those exact categories. Are these questions are completely useless to you? please visit and hopefully we wrote something useful there!

If you have already tried that page give us a call on 0450848451 or even an email at and we can try our best to answer your question.

How We Produce the Goods

We use the latest technology from Epson and our close friends over at Sublimation Supplies’ equipment to create the flawless and vibrant designs. From start to finish one of our hard working employees hand craft your order before sending it you way the same day! 90% of our orders leave same day and we strive to raise that bar further.

For more information of the processes and equipment we use, follow any of the following links;

Our Equiptment

Our printer is the newest tech from Epson, The F560 is a large format Sublimation printer that creates accurate colour matching and results break down a whole new barrier between digital art and physical items. click HERE to learn more of even purchase this amazing piece of kit!

Our industrial heat press is bigger than you could imagine. Spanning over 1 meter in length and 80cm in width it can press our largest of items at once! Check out the range of heat presses by clicking this word.

Shipping Information

We use Australia Post Standard and Express shipping for the vast majority of orders with none of the shipping or deliveries are handled by our company. Through this method we have gathered information from hundred of orders to gage the delivery times with great accuracy. However, there can be no guarantee your special package will be on time every time. For further information please visit for more information.

Down Here is table which is directly from that link above but I thought I would save you some steps!

Australia Post Express Parcel Estimated Delivery Schedule
Australia Post Standard Package Estimated Delivery Schedule
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