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The Creation of Feeling Goods

Feeling Goods was once a dream or idea that over the past 8 months I have created to become a reality. The big picture for us at Feeling Goods is to create a community of people that want to inspire and motivate. My experience in the printing area has lead me to the idea of creating funny, motivation and aesthetic giftware items for friends and family.

After a while friends and family began asking “can you make one for my friend, I’ll pay you” mixed with my desire to learn web design the creation of Feeling Goods was begun. The process of making a website sure did seem a lot easier at the beginning but after 8 months I have learnt advertising, product listing and much more.

I don’t come from a background of graphic design so this process of creating giftware designs has been difficult. Grabbing inspiration from the people around me I have become more competent but not quite there yet.

Avo Nice Day Apple iPhone Case Phone Case Cover
Fear Is An Obstacle Apple iPhone Case Phone Case Cover

Above is my first design to the latest. As you can see while I have made some progression I am still very new to the design process and still struggles with complex designs. While I will continue to learn and improve my skills as a digital artist I believe there are people who can do much better.

The Future

I have plans in the future to expand the company from a 1 man band into a team of young people that want to learn and create.

The end goal of the this storefront is for it to become something special. Having a range of products while venturing into the world filmmaking an photography. I have always had a passion to tell stories through photography and show the beauty of our world and the people who inhabit the globe.

Through this I want to create a platform where up and coming artists and photographers can display their work and monetize their passions. Creating a range of giftware items available to the public. Building a team of people that dream of living their dream lives.

If you are interested in showing the public some of your favorites’ feel free to contact me on Instagram or Facebook. I would love to begin this journey with you.

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